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Occasional Paper 6: Destructivistas

Joel Cahen (2012, revised 2016)

With our present day awareness, the arts as we have known them up to now appear to us in general to be fakes fitted out with a tremendous affectation. Let us take leave of these piles of counterfeit objects on the altars, in the palaces, in the salons and the antique shops. They are an illusion with which, by human hand and by way of fraud, materials such as print, pieces of cloth, metals, clay or marble are loaded with false significance, so that, instead of just presenting their own material self, they take on the appearance of something else. Under the cloak of intellectual aim, the materials have been completely murdered and can no longer speak to us.

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CFP: 4S Conference 2015, Panel on technologies of representation

4S Conference 2015 – Denver, Colorado (USA), 11-14 November 2015

Call for Papers for Open Panel
From one thing to another: Technologies of representation in design and making

Panel Chairs:
Arlene Oak, Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta (aoak@ualberta.ca)
Claire Nicholas, Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta (cn4@ualberta.ca)


We would like to invite abstract submissions for an open panel at the 4S Conference (Society for the Social Study of Science) in Denver (11-14 November 2015).  The deadline to submit an individual paper abstract to the conference is March 29, 2015.  When you submit on the conference website, you will be prompted to indicate the panel to which you would like to contribute. …

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CFP: Dressing Global Bodies Conference

The University of Alberta, Department of History and Classics, would like to share the following details of the Dressing Global Bodies Conference Call For Papers:

Dressing Global Bodies:
Clothing Cultures, Politics and Economies in Globalizing Eras, c. 1600s-1900s

7-9 July 2016, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Co-Organized with the Pasold Research Fund, UK

The clothes on our backs are intimately connected with bodily experiences, cultural, social and gender portrayals, as well as the economies of fashioning and re-fashioning across place and time. Garments reflect the priorities of local and international economies, collective and personal inclinations, religious norms and conversions. These materialities are shaped by global flows of cloth and beads, furs, ready-made and second-hand apparel, in dynamic processes of fashion exchange.…

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Professorship in the Cultures and Materials of Knowledge – Gottingen University

The University of Göttingen is currently inviting applications for a Professorship in the Cultures and Materiality of Knowledge (W2 tenure-track).

The position is initially available for a five year period and may be extended into a permanent professorship following a positive evaluation.

We are looking for a professor with expertise in the research and teaching of knowledge cultures, with particular emphasis on the materiality of knowledge, as exemplified by the Göttingen academic collections. The successful candidate will manage the recently established research centre, which will serve as a focal point for future projects in knowledge research in close cooperation with respective departments, groups and colleagues at the University of Göttingen.

The candidate is further expected to take a leading role in the development and setting up of the doctoral programme ‘Material Cultures of Knowledge’, which includes teaching duties of 4 semester hours a week, predominantly in the above mentioned doctoral programme.

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A reference library for new materials

I just wanted to bring your attention to the website of this company (www.materialconnexion.com), which may be of interest to some of you.
When I first stumbled upon it, it took me a good while to understand what this was all about. After some time, I realized what the company offers is consultancy about materials. The interesting thing is that they have created a huge database where you can browse through all the new materials that are being created. The best thing is that they also have a physical library where you can browse through the “physical references” of all those materials.
Hope you enjoy it!
PS: You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter, which sends you update with new materials.…

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Karakat – Cars that Skate and Swim

Alla Sirotina (Tallinn University)
Karakat vehicles have huge smooth wheels, equipped with big bolts. Such tyres without any gripping pattern on the outside surface were certainly not made for the asphalt road. Sometimes the car is left standing near the house without any coverage. Other times, tyres are covered with black plastic bags. The carcass of the car is often cut into two halves; the authentic rear is then removed and replaced with a prolonged extension (imagine a limousine) that is made from all sorts of materials – the list of the items used for constructing such a car is limited only by the imagination. One can see these vehicles in eastern Estonia, in and around the town of Kallaste on the edges of Lake Peipsi.…

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