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BGC/AMNH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Museum Anthropology (Oceania)

Bard Graduate Center/ American Museum of Natural History

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Museum Anthropology

The Bard Graduate Center invites applications for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship jointly appointed at the Bard Graduate Center and in the Anthropology Division and the Richard Gilder Graduate School of the American Museum of Natural History. The fellow’s project should focus on an aspect of material culture within Oceania (including not only Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia, but also Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines), and should make use of the AMNH collection. Ph.D. in Anthropology or related fields required.

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APERTURE Asia Pacific International Ethnographic Documentary Festival


The first APERTURE Festival will be held in Melbourne, 21-23 November 2013. APERTURE Asia Pacific International Ethnographic Documentary Festival aims to promote and support ethnographic documentary film about the Asia Pacific region and film directed or produced by filmmakers originating from this region.

Ethnographic film festivals are almost not existing in this region, with the exception of two events in Taiwan and Vietnam. Ethnographic film festivals elsewhere in the world, along with similar events attached to anthropology conferences, present mainly films made by European and American filmmakers, and most of their work does not focus on the Asia Pacific cultures and societies. Filmmakers originating from the Asia Pacific region are grossly underrepresented, also because the cost of travel and other accessibility issues.…

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