It is with great sadness that we have to announce the death of Judy Attfield, one of the pioneers of contemporary material culture studies who did so much to demonstrate the value of this approach. Judy started her academic career within a discipline called design history that was largely devotedContinue Reading

Victor Buchli, Dept of Anthropology, UCL It is with great sadness to have to report that Bruce Trigger died at the beginning of this month. Bruce Graham Trigger (born June 18, 1937 died December 1, 2006) was a Canadian archaeologist. Born in Preston, Ontario, he received a doctorate in archaeologyContinue Reading

Daniel Miller, Anthropology UCL My impression is that students coming into anthropology today, at least in Britain, are not necessarily expecting to read very much of the writings of Clifford Geertz, compared to my time as a student. But his death on Monday should remind us of just how muchContinue Reading