Marta Rosales ESCS and CEMME FCSH/UNL, Professor Filomena Silvano CEMME FCSH/UNL (scientific coordinator) Domestic consumption practices, colonialism and transcontinental migration experiences of a group of Portuguese and Goan families. This project aims the study of the domestic consumption practices of a restrict group of families of Portuguese and Goan originsContinue Reading

Mylene Mizrahi Here in Rio a very popular genre of party are the funk balls, that happens on weekend nights, most of the time in sport courts in clubs that are kind of decadent. Each of these parties gather thousands of youngsters, coming from their homes up on theContinue Reading

Christine Chastain, UCL In the 1970s, in the small town of Falmouth, Mass., USA, an experimental, sustainable community was formed called Alchemy. This project was funded by government grants and allowed its members to explore such exotic concepts like hydroponic vegetable growth, composting, contained, sustainable systems, etc. Members were soContinue Reading

Fabio Gygi, PhD Student, Anthropology, University College London and University of Tokyo My project is concerned with accumulation of things, attachment to things and with what psychiatrists call ‘hoarding’. My initial interest was whether by reformulating a psychiatric concern with deviance in terms of material culture, a broader understanding ofContinue Reading

An Exploration of Its Presence in a European Periphery Magda Craciun, PhD Student in Material Culture, University College London A widespread phenomenon, re-production is morally and legally contested and combated, culturally derided, and socially dismissed as belonging to the lower social strata. I am interested in approaching it inContinue Reading