Just published: Linm number 7 Public Infrastructures/Infrastructural Publics

Limn Number 7: Public Infrastructures/Infrastructural Publics
Edited by Stephen J. Collier, James Christopher Mizes, and Antina von Schnitzler

Infrastructure has always 
had a privileged relationship to both expertise and the public in modern government. But in the early 21st century, this relationship is inflected in novel ways. The purposes public infrastructure was meant to serve—welfare, quality of life, economic development, and so on—persist. But they are often conceptualized differently, promoted by different agencies, and articulated through novel technological and collective relations. This issue of Limn explores new formations of infrastructure, publicness, and expertise.The contributions examine how new forms of expertise conceive the public and make claims in its name, how publics are making novel claims on experts (and claims to expertise), and how earlier norms and techniques of infrastructure provisioning are being adapted in the process.  Read more in the preface to the issue…
Contributors: Nikhil AnandSoe Lin AungJonathan BachAndrea BallesteroAndrew BarryAshley CarseStephen J. Collier, Savannah Cox, and Kevin GroveKevin Donovan and Emma ParkCatherine FennellAndreas FolkersGökçe GünelPenny Harvey and Hannah KnoxCymene Howe and Dominic BoyerAndrew LakoffJames Christopher MizesCanay Özden-SchillingUte Tellmann and Sven OpitzAntina von Schnitzler, and Alan Wiig

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