The End of Ruined Memories

Ruin Memories: A Portfolio.
The Ruin Memories project has now come to an end. The portfolio series concluded their  various projects and accumulated the results of each contribution, now available on their website. Each was launched during the Fridays between May and July 2013. These presentations were as follows:
24 May | Alfredo González-Ruibal “Forgotten Battles. Ruins of the Spanish Civil War
31 May | Bjørnar Olsen “Abandoned Childhood: Sarnes Internat
7 June | Mats Burström “Treasured memories: Tales of buried belongings in wartime Estonia
14 June | Elin Andreassen, Hein Bjerk “Managing the scars of terror
21 June | Gavin Lucas “Concrete Modernity
28 June | Timothy Webmoor “Entropic Chic and Proximate Ruins
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