CFP: In between the mediation of diversity and the diversity of mediations

Portuguese Anthropological Association Annual Meeting

There is a growing body of research concerned with the processes of the mediation of diversity as well as with the diversity of the types of mediations that are central in migratory contexts. Yet, ongoing transformations deriving from technological convergence and the diversification of migratory flows invite further mapping, and inter-relating, both old and new articulations between media and migration. This panel aims to explore perspectives that are complementary to consolidated research.

It invites innovative contributions that present theoretical, thematic and/or methodological counterpoints and that engage with new perspectives and dimensions of analysis:

a)    by revisiting established thematic areas such as:

–       the politics of self-representation of minority populations;

–       the possibilities unlocked by digital technologies and communications as well as by the combined use of “old” and “new” media in the management of relationships and transnational senses of belonging;

–       relationships with technology (insofar as they are informed by temporality, materiality, media ideologies and so on) in what concerns the production and management of memories and heritage claims.

b)   by discussing under-explored case-studies and dimensions such as:

–       the importance of destination-images in the motivations driving movement and the political economy of their production (namely considering the realms of cultural industries or governmental, tourist and/or other forms of strategies);

–       the combined role of different media in the circulation of useful information for incorporation in the destination context;

–       the existence of new molds and channels for the consolidation of imagined transnational communities, such as the lusophone world (lusofonia)

–       the uses of media among atypical migratory flows and/or under-researched cases, such as recent and/or privileged flows.

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