Visualizing the New Utopians: The Transition Network as a Visual Community

Jane Dickson Mphil/PhD student UCL
… 2003. Permaculture: Principles and pathways beyond sustainability. Cambridge: Holmgren Design Press.
Hopkins, R.2008. The Transition handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience. Totnes, Devon: Green Books LTD.
MacDougall, D. 2006. The corporeal image: Film, ethnography, and the senses. Princeton, NJ.: Princeton University Press.
In Transition 1.0. Forthcoming: Dec. 2009. Emma Goude, (dir.) 50 min. Colour.
The age of stupid. 2009. Fanny Armstrong, (dir.) 92 min. Colour. Distributed by Dogwood Pictures.
The end of suburbia: Oil depletion and the collapse of the American dream. 2004. Gregory Greene, (dir.) 78 min. Colour. Distributed by The Electric Wallpaper Company.

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