Beliefs, Concepts and Things: Materiality & the Immaterial

World Art Postgraduate Symposium, Saturday 16th May 2009
The 8th symposium in the School of World Art & Museology series will focus on how humans articulate their beliefs, concepts and the immaterial through the material world. Topics could include: how materials are used to express concepts, how sacred architecture materializes beliefs, the role of the material within ritual, the interplay between material qualities – colour, hue, light, texture, density, hardness – and beliefs and concepts.
This annual symposium is a multidisciplinary event, where students working on relevant topics in the fields of art history, anthropology, archaeology, cultural heritage and museology can present their research in a friendly and non-confrontational atmosphere.
Enquiries through the website or by email to Pippa Lacey or Helen Lunnon.
School of World Art and Museology
University of East Anglia

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