Job Posting: Research Officer, Melanesia Art Project

melartp.jpgThe Melanesia Art Project(a joint initiative of Goldsmiths College, University of London and the British Museum) is advertising for a postdoctoral position, for details see: RESEARCH OFFICER – Melanesian Art (PDF Format)
Based in the Anthropology department, the researcher will work on a major new analysis of the art of Melanesia, based on the highly significant collections in the British Museum and through archives, fieldwork visits, and organizing visits of indigenous individuals to the collections. The researcher is responsible for research liaison with indigenous communities, the practical organization of the project, video and/or audio documentation, and particularly for editing project publications.
Requires: PhD in anthropology or a related discipline, and research experience in the Pacific, preferably in island Melanesia.
Closing date: 3 April 2007 by 5.00pm
Interview date: 25 April 2007
Committed to equal opportunities

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