Yunchang Yang ss

The research Photography and Social Life: An Ethnography of Chinese Amateur Photography Online aims to develop an anthropological framework in studying material and visual culture through an ethnographic study of “British Rain”, an overseas Chinese amateur photographer group. Having once lived or still living abroad, most of its group members are economically related to China and are generally considered to be the next elite generation of the country. By studying the production (What cameras do they use? How do they organize a photographic event?), circulation (China-based Internet platforms, involving institutional studies based on a fieldwork in China) and consumption (Which sort of photographs do they prefer? Why?) of photography, as well as their photographic aesthetic strategies, this research attempts to provide academic insights for some different but overlapping anthropological categories: self-identification and conspicuous consumption, the “flow” of digital photographs and the elite imagination, cosmopolitanism and social stratification of China, and ‘kitsch’ aesthetic as a means of acquiring social embedded-ness. Yunchang Yung, UCL

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