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Sounding Stones

Molly Johannson and Sarah McFalls, UCL Anthropology

This posting is one part of a wider project called Properties and Social Imagination – a collaboration between UCL Anthropology and Artists working at the School for Material and Visual Culture at Massey University, New Zealand. The project took several objects from the UCL Ethnography Collections and MA students and faculty conducted a series of experimental research projects, which explored the material properties, qualities and affordances of the collection.

This posting focuses on a Green Stone adze, from Papua New Guinea, and forms part of a wider essay which will shortly be published as a Material World Occasional Paper Series.


Over the course of the project we realised our interactions with the adze brought life to all types of stone, and subsequently also animated our surroundings.…

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Mary Douglas Awards for Master’s study at UCL

The Anthropology department at UCL (University College London) is pleased to announce the Mary Douglas Awards, to students applying for Master’s programmes for entry in September 2013.  These fee waivers, worth between £2000 -£ 4000 pounds will be awarded based on the merit of individual applications.

There are three exciting and complementary Masters programmes for students interested in objects, art, museums, digital technologies and media, follow the respective links for details regarding how to apply:

MA Material & Visual Culture:  for object-focused cultural explorations, visual culture, consumption, and heritage

MSc Digital Anthropology: exploring the role of the digital in social life in cross-cultural perspective

MA Culture.Materials.Design:  for design anthropology, the new anthropology of materials, and the anthropology of making


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Call for Papers: Sustainability and the Home Frontier

Urban Geography Research Group Sponsored Panel Session at the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference 2013 (London, August 28-30)

SUSTAINABILITY AND THE HOME FRONT(IER): Between governmentality and embodied environmentalism?

The Sustainability, Environment and Culture of Materials Research Group at UCL is inviting proposals for papers or presentations for a panel at the RGS/IBG Annual International Conference 2013. The panel is sponsored by the RGS/IBG Urban Geography Research Group.…

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