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CFP: Music Flows, IASPM-US Annual Conference

Water Flows 33_29_9_web

March 13-16, 2014 

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Submission Deadline: Friday, 15 November, 2013

Music flows. Evocative metaphorically while directing our attention to the global circulation of songs, the theme for the 2014 IASPM-US Annual Conference takes its inspiration from the UNC campus-wide Water initiative. Water in its many forms is a ubiquitous subject of pop songs. Whether as metaphor or literal reference, water imagery as a theme in popular music has been used to celebrate identity, express emotions, address environmental issues, convey pleasure, pay homage to spiritual beings, and shape communities of resistance. Here we take up notions of fluidity and flow to address not only what many deem our most important natural resource, but to consider the ways in which water’s qualities may yield productive insights into the present and future of popular music.…

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The Fieldwork Playlist: A Research Soundtrack

Inter-disciplinary conference exploring the place of music in the making of research.

Music is evocative of meaning and memories tied to people, places and particular events, powerfully bringing them into the present, yet its role in the making of research pathways is rarely foregrounded. This inter-disciplinary conference hosted by the Goldsmiths Anthropology Department compiles a ‘Fieldwork Playlist’ to explore the place of music in the research process, across the social sciences. Evolving from the mix-tape, the playlist is a form of communication through the assemblage of songs. The format is straightforward – one song from each contributor, and the story behind its significance for their research.


Strauss Playlist




















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