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The City in a Time of Crisis



A note from Dimitris Dalakolgou, Department of Anthropology, Sussex University

“The City at the Time of Crisis” is an urban anthropology project which examines the everyday public socialities and materialities of Athens during the current capitalist crisis. It focuses on urban public spaces in an effort to study ethnographically the rapid transformations and through them to provide a novel understanding of the current capitalist crisis in Europe and its links with urban materialities. The project’s webpage www.crisis-scape.net features ethnographic and theoretical texts, videos, photographs and digital interactive material.  The project has been running since October 2012 and it is funded by an ESRC/Future Research Leaders grant.

Walls of Edukators, Berlin

IMG_0558 3 March, Wall Parade Protest, Berliner Mauer East Side Gallery.


The past few days have seen a peaceful protest in the Ostbahnhof area of the German Capital for the protection of culture, history and the Berliner Mauer East Side Gallery.