Sara Hannant

Knitted Poppet with Photograph. © Sara Hannant.  Of Shadows: One Hundred Objects From The Museum Of Witchcraft and Magic (2016)  The pin that pierces the woman’s face in the photograph suggests a desire to cause her harm.  Possibly this intention is also invested in the knitted body.  It is thought that knitting is like ancient knot magic where magical will or force can be invested into each stitch.  In witchcraft, magic is practiced to bring about transformation and sometimes objects are made or charged with magical intent for this purpose.  Similarly, the photographic process can transform objects, images and ideas that contribute to their meaning.  While artist-in -residence at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Cornwall, I became fascinated to explore how light and darkness define and articulate our relationship to enchantment and if this mechanism can be employed to suggest narrative and significance.       Sarah Hannant, Photographer,

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