My intent in pursuing this project was to highlight and celebrate contemporary urban youth culture in an African city. Beginning from a subcultural standpoint, I wanted to explore the subcultural creative workspace of Nairobi's Matatu industry, its overall creative output and its influence on local youth culture. 	I wanted to show and tell a different story of Africa; an Africa of creative, "cool" and enterprising young people who live by an ethos of “embracing their limitations, doing things their way and operating by their own rules”. 	The Matatu have allowed for an integration where the old and the new merge to capture a unique and temporal moment in the community in which it is situated. Reflecting and refracting the very community is caters for. 	The various outcomes of the project can only act as access points that illuminate some elements, perspectives and representations of the Matatu industry and the subcultural creative workspace they inhabit." Odira Mo , Central St Martins www.matatuism.com

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