Natasha Barrett

King Tawhiao II by John Mayall/Josiah Martin (subject to scholarly debate), c.1884; Māori themed photomontage by Josiah Martin, 1889. © Trustees of the British Museum [Oc,B52.9; Oc,A18.33], CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
Anonymous. (1894). 'The Tawhiao Tangi’, The New Zealand Observer, XV(822), p.13. Courtesy of the National Library of New Zealand, out of copyright. 
My interdisciplinary research spans museum studies, anthropology and photography. It focuses on commercial colonial-era photographs of Māori (indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand) in British museums. This includes these photographs’ persistence in the British and NZ visual economies since the 1860s. I have followed their temporal cycles of reuse across different contexts, including albums, publications and exhibitions. This is illustrated by a portrait of King Tawhiao II (c.1822-1894), an important Māori leader during the latter half of the nineteenth century (top left). This photograph has been widely remediated, including as a photomontage (top right) and lithographic newspaper illustration (bottom).  Natasha Barrett, De Montfort University

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