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Online Archive of Ivan Karp’s Publications Launched at Emory University

From Prof. Cory Kratz, Emory University:


Emory University recently launched an online archive of Ivan Karp’s (1943–2011) published papers in order to keep his work widely available. Karp was a social anthropologist and a leading scholar of social theory, museum and heritage studies, and African studies. He began his long-term research with Iteso communities in western Kenya in 1969. Karp wrote extensively about power, personhood and agency, about African societies and systems of thought, and he published groundbreaking work about museums and exhibitions.

The new online archive includes complete lists of Karp’s books and of the works published in the two book series for which he served as editor: the African Systems of Thought series at Indiana University Press and the Smithsonian Series in Ethnographic Inquiry at Smithsonian Institution Press.

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Some photographs of the National Museum of the American Indian

Haidy Geismar, NYU

We have recently migrated Material World to a wordpress template which has given us a lot more functionality and flexibility with the kinds of things we can do. We are hoping to experiment a lot more with images, sound, and video so please be experimental and expansive in thinking about how you might contribute to the site!

I’m using our new capacity to have locally hosted and embedded slideshows to share a series of images of the National Museum of the American Indian that I took in January, 2012. I was teaching a graduate seminar in the Anthropology in and of Museums this semester and was struck by the lack of good installation shots of the displays in the media commons of flickr, the museum website and so on.…

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OWS Archives Share Day

How can a social movement be preserved and represented through archives? What are creative ways archives can be utilized now and in the future through digital technologies? Since September 17th 2011, protesters with Occupy Wall Street have raised their voices in public spaces across the country and taken it to the streets as well as online spaces. Empowered by new media and social networking sites, many people are using digital tools to get their messages across, to document and create spontaneous moments in history. The digital archives created with and in reaction to the Occupy Movement include tweets, pictures, field recording, videos, streams, websites, graphic design, software and much more.

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CFP: Indigenous Interfaces

Seeking scholars, activists, artists, performers and educators for Indigenous Interfaces, a day-long symposium exploring the interactions, representations, connections, and coordinations concerning Indigenous peoples and issues. We welcome panels, papers, performances, readings, artistic work, artist talks, roundtables, workshops, and other forms of presentation.

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NEW JOURNAL: First Issue of West 86th Now Available

The Bard Graduate Center and the University of Chicago Press are pleased to announce the publication of West 86th: A Journal of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture.
The digital edition of the inaugural issue (Spring 2011) is available free for a limited time for all visitors to the journal’s home on the Web: Select journal content, digital supplements, extras, and discussions are available at The print issue will mail to subscribers this week.
The new biannual journal, which takes its name from Bard’s New York City address, is an international forum for research exploring the content, meaning, and significance of objects in their cultural and historical frameworks. It replaces Studies in the Decorative Arts, which Bard had published for 17 years.…

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