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International Photofestival

Noorderlicht International Photofestival (2 Sept. – 7 Oct. 2012)
Landscape as the Illusion of Nature

Call for proposals
Photographers can submit their work. Suggestions by curators are also welcome.
The deadline is March 16.
Humans arose from the land, and have now definitively left it behind them. The earth has been subdued and cultivated, people have left the countryside for the city. The preservation of our natural environment is but a footnote on the political agenda.
Nevertheless, the desire for contact with nature remains strongly anchored. The urge to travel toward an unknown horizon is stubborn. Knowing that the realisation of this desire is an illusion, that every horizon lies within our grasp and every experience of the landscape is stage-managed, in no way detracts from this.…

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Dream Objects

Strangest is their reality,
their three-dimensional workmanship:
veined pebbles that have an underside,
maps one could have studied for minutes longer,
books we seem to read page after page.
If these are symbols cheaply coined
to buy the mind a momentary pardon,
whence this extravagance? Fine
as dandelion polls, they surface and explode
in the wind of the speed of our dreaming,
so that we awake with the sense
of having missed everything, tourists
hustled by bus through a land whose history
is our rich history, whose artifacts
were filed to perfection by beggars we fear.
John Updike, 1968.

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Caroline Palla: 127 – Imagine a golden piggy bank with no one to spare a dime (2009/11)

Editor’s note: This is the first in a new category for Material World which showcases the work of artists who investigate themes, topics and ideas that intersect with the remit of the site. Any artist who is interested in showing their work should send a selection of (low res) images or links along with an abstract of their work or artist’s statement to Haidy Geismar

These images stem from a photographic series called 127 – Imagine a golden piggy bank with no one to spare a dime (below: 127). In the summer of 2009, I traveled to the United States and visited the world’s longest yard sale, also known as the 127 Corridor Sale, that runs along Highway 127 through the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama.

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