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Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories: A One-Day Symposium Showcasing New Research in Design History and Material Culture
The University of Brighton’s Postgraduate Design History Society (PDHS) are hosting a one day symposium of recent and current research on Saturday 9 June 2007 at the Research Centre, Grand Parade, University of Brighton. The day will feature eight papers from our MA and PhD community across a range of topics and historical periods united by our common focus of design history and material culture studies. This event has been generously funded by the School for Historical and Critical Studies and the Research Student Division and will be free with a light lunch provided. For further details or to register, please contact

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Centre for Anthropology Seminars, British Museum

Thursday June 7th 2007, 10 a.m.
Dr Ian Coates (Senior Curator, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program, National Museum of Australia)
A collector’s life: Emile Clement
Emil Clement, an English-based collector, made important contributions to the British Museum’s collections during the second half of the nineteenth century. As well as selling large numbers of north-western Australian Aboriginal objects to a range of museums in Britain and Europe, Clement had earlier collected and sold Bronze Age pots and objects from Silesia. In this paper I review Clement’s collecting activities, and examine continuities in his sale techniques relating to both the ethnographic and bronze-age material.
Thursday June 14th 2007, 10 a.m.
Peter Mason (Rome)
Images of the ancestors: Aesthetics and moai being-in-the-world
Several expeditions to Easter Island, especially from the late 19th and early 20th century, provoked an interest in the carvings of the island among several Western artists, especially the Surrealists.…

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19 Princelet Street

princelet street.jpg
To mark Refugee Week here in London, seize the chance to visit 19 Princelet Street and explore issues of immigration, inclusion and identity in one of Europe’s most extraordinary spaces. Tell your friends and colleagues, and please do help by forwarding this on.
An international historic site of civic engagement, the only one of its kind in Europe, 19 Princelet Street in London’s Spitalfields will open FREE every day 17-24 June (and Sunday 27 May) from 12-5 pm.
‘One of the most charismatic buildings in our city – it tells the tale of arrival, of moving in and moving on’
Robert Elms, BBC London

Discover shared human stories of incomers, over hundreds of years, who have shaped and continue to shape not only this city but our society.…

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Global Photographies: Histories, Theories, Practices

On the 27th June 2007 IADT will open a three day international conference Global Photographies: Histories, Theories, Practices. 65 Speakers from over 20 different countries will participate in the conference programme, presenting papers on a range of themes from 9/11 and the war on terror, photography and the image content industry, documenting migrations and human rights, environmentalism and globalization, archives and contemporary photographic practices, Diaspora, communities and citizenship, the photographic image and cultural diplomacy, and the impact of digital culture on photojournalism.
Click below for details

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Rethinking Prototypes: UCL Seminar Series

A Series of Explorative Seminars Examining Innovation in Art and Science

John Flaxman, Monument to John & Susannah Phillimore, 1804, Plaster, UCL SC1009, Courtesy of UCL Art Collections

Fridays 10.30 – 12.00 Strang Print Room, South Cloisters, University College London
Summer Term 2007

A series of innovative seminars critically examining the nature of the prototype and its relation to innovation in the arts and sciences. Speakers drawn from Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, and History of Art at UCL.
Sessions chaired by Dr Graeme Were, UCL Museums & Collections.
No booking required but spaces limited – please arrive promptly.


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Job Announcement: Lecturer in Visual & Material Culture

UCL Department of Anthropology
Lecturer in Visual and Material Culture

»Applications are invited for a two year lectureship in Visual and Material Culture to begin 1st September 2007. The post is intended to cover sabbatical leave.
Applicants should have submitted a PhD and have begun publishing in the field of anthropology. While the post is open to candidates with expertise in material culture there will be a preference for a specialisation in the field of visual culture. We are looking for applicants who will complement existing areas of expertise in the Department. Applications from qualified candidates specialised in any area of the world are welcome.

  • Further particulars are available at:
  • This appointment is available from 1st September 2007 on the UCL salary scale Grade 7 in the range £25,889 to £31,840 p.a.
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Call for Papers and Projects: Invisible Culture

Invisible Culture, Issue 11, Curator and Context: Fall 2007
»Online at:
»Deadline for Papers: May 20, 2007
In his 1965 book Museum Without Walls, Andre Malraux critiques museum conventions of display that deaden art of the past. In fact, over time the artworks have morphed, affected by their surroundings, and taken on new lives as different kinds of aesthetic objects. Three years later, Roland Barthes would identify the death of the author and the emergence of the reader in the making of meaning. These writers’ prescient articulations of the fusions – and confusions – of art object, context, artist, and viewer foresaw today’s hyper-interaction of art media and the overlapping of roles in the museum and beyond.

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Job Posting: Research Officer, Melanesia Art Project

melartp.jpgThe Melanesia Art Project(a joint initiative of Goldsmiths College, University of London and the British Museum) is advertising for a postdoctoral position, for details see: RESEARCH OFFICER – Melanesian Art (PDF Format)
Based in the Anthropology department, the researcher will work on a major new analysis of the art of Melanesia, based on the highly significant collections in the British Museum and through archives, fieldwork visits, and organizing visits of indigenous individuals to the collections. The researcher is responsible for research liaison with indigenous communities, the practical organization of the project, video and/or audio documentation, and particularly for editing project publications.
Requires: PhD in anthropology or a related discipline, and research experience in the Pacific, preferably in island Melanesia.…

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Summer Intern to Catalog Art Collection and Artifacts, Distinguished Private Club in Downtown Financial District, New York City, New York, USA
We are updating our catalogue of Museum quality Art, Maritime Artifacts and Library material.
The Intern will be responsible for the updating and cataloguing of all items that were previously entered into a database in 2002, and additional related tasks. This position entails a thorough knowledge of collections procedures, particularly the cataloging of a significant number of Maritime Art Portraits, objects and material that need to be recorded and documented. Computer skills essential for imputing the database. Digital camera knowledge a plus.
The successful candidate will have experience in museum collections management and should have completed at least one year of undergraduate work by June 2007 in art history, art education, museum studies or related fields.…

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Special Issue Forum for Anthropology: and Culture about ethnographic collections in modern museums

forwarded from Inge Daniels, ISCA, University of Oxford:
The editors of the Russian journal: The Forum for Anthropology and Culture have contacted me concerning a special issue about ethnographic museums which will be published in English and in Russian in the autumn of 2007. They are looking for contributions, who would need to send short essays by the start of May to get them translated in time for the Russian edition. Those interested please contact, Catriona Kelly (Professor of Russian, University of Oxford) at

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