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Benches, stairs, sidewalks and the politics of urban comfort

Fernando Domínguez Rubio
Postdoctoral Marie-Curie Fellow, Dept. of Sociology, NYU & Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC)

“How would you improve comfort in the city?” This is one of the provocative questions posed by the BMW Guggenheim Lab. In its own words, the lab is:

“The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a mobile laboratory traveling to nine major cities worldwide over six years. Led by international, interdisciplinary teams of emerging talents in the areas of urbanism, architecture, art, design, science, technology, education, and sustainability, the Lab addresses issues of contemporary urban life through programs and public discourse. Its goal is the exploration of new ideas, experimentation, and ultimately the creation of forward-thinking solutions for city life”

For the first of these cycles, which began in New York back last August, the lab has been designed by the Japanese firm Atelier Bow-Bow, which transformed a derelict stretch of land between two old townhouses in the Bowery into a beautiful instance of what they call an urban ‘micro-public space’.…

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