Material Culture as Art Practice

Daniel Miller, UCL

I recently received this comment from Carlos Gomes, of Theatre Kantanka, Australia:

I recently completed a short video version of ‘Bargain Garden’, a performance installation based on [your book] Mass Consumption by my company Theatre Kantanka, We enjoyed a sold out, critically acclaimed season of the performance at Performance Space in Sydney, Australia. I am writing firstly to thank you for your “material world blog”  and your writings that contributed to the research and inspiration for our work.

Obviously we are happy to know that this blog, alongside our writings. can help inspire different kinds of work. Indeed in the same week I received another email, also from Australia. This time it was an artist, Bianca Jane, who informed me that her artwork had just won a prize. It was called The Constructed Collection (Portraits from Daniel Miller’s ‘The Comfort of Things‘). Basically she had crafted a collection of objects and images inspired by each of the separate chapters of my book.


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