Whatever is to become of books?: London Design Festival 2011

Sojournposse will be hosting another Inspiration Room event at The London Design Festival 2011 on 17 September at University College London. The theme, “Whatever is to become of books?”, addresses the future of books as the placeholder of ideas in the digital age. Now that we consume information online and in downloads, what would happen to storytelling? Are we ready for a life without books? The seminar will discuss the traditional and digital platforms of publishing, issues relating to open-source and proprietary applications and digitality’s effect on the practice of book-making.

Speakers: The British Library, Blurb Books, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies, The Photo Book Club, The Comics Grid, The Ballet Bag, Not On The Wires and the National Union of Journalists Books & Magazine branch.
The event will also feature “Homer”, a book scanner constructed by digital anthropologists using everyday objects: a digital camera, an open source software used by Google Books and a laptop – their digital nod to the Gutenberg press. It will be used to scan the King James I bible, marking the 400th anniversary of the completion of the authorised version, which was in 1611. This is in line with the festival’s main showcase at St Paul’s Cathedral.
This event is kindly backed by Department of Anthropology, University College London, in support of the masters programmes targeted at the design, creative and advertising communities: MSc Digital Anthropology, MA Material & Visual Culture, and MA Materials, Culture & Design.
Venue: Department of Anthropology, UCL, 14 Taviton St, WC1H 0BW, London. Contact: info@sojournposse.com. A non-profit event, £1 of each ticket sale will go towards a Japan Red Cross tsunami drive, a photobook app project, £0.73 to go to Paypal and the rest on food and drinks.
Speakers’ profile www.sojournposse.com/?page_id=6625
London Design Festival event page www.londondesignfestival.com/profiles/sojournposse
“Five Minutes With”: Interviews on what’s to become of books www.sojournposse.com/?cat=582

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  1. Heather Horst, RMIT University September 28, 2011 at 5:11 am #

    Here are the first three presentations from the event published recently, which include video footage:
    “Homer beckons users to do DIY book scanning at home”
    Juliano Spyer and Cosimo Lupo show us that a book, or in this case, a bible, can be scanned in ten minutes. More or less. The open source software for Mac and Windows can be downloaded on the wiki page for Homer.
    “Meet The Comics Grid, an online journal of comics scholarship”
    Dr Ernesto Priego, UCL’s own comics scholar, shows us how one open access journal could be a point of reference for other types of scholarly journals to follow. A rather interesting 3-minute video.
    “The page is no longer a cage: Mag+ ushers in a new era of rich content storytelling for tablet magazines”
    Designers, move away from the rectangles, and quit playing with scales, says Sam Syed. Admittedly, Mag+ is proprietary, but Creative Director Sam Syed who designs the appappreciates it when one of our speakers insisted that for it to be successful, it has to be “device agnostic”. Sam Syed’s statement, “the page is a cage”, already ruffled feathers in the photography world, but he insists that the linear storytelling dictated by the ‘page’ should now be extended to include sequential storytelling, supported by the ‘movie’.
    Many thanks to UCL Department of Anthropology, especially MSc Digital Anthropology, for the support. Presentations from The British Library on their open source collaborations with Google, and the initiatives done by the Oxford Brooke Centre of International Publishing Studies will be published.
    Salina Christmas
    MSc Digital Anthropology, 2011

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