Islands of Escorts

Graeme Were, UCL
For those with wistful memories of the Mk 1 and 2 Ford Escort – motoring classics – then the following article on the BBC website will revive fond memories. It did for me: the third and final car I bought in 1990 was a secondhand Mk 2 Ford Escort, sky blue with imitation chrome wheels. It got stolen twice though both times I recovered it undamaged, albeit stereo system missing. I think the car thieves used a duplicate set of keys each time, which was a bit alarming.
In any case, my point is that the article – on the BBC Magazine website – is worth reading for enthusiasts of far-away British colonial outposts, and most interestingly, Ford Escorts. Given the difficultly of shipping goods to St Helena in the South Atlantic, any former owner of a Ford Escort can understand why this special car can endure on this remote island. I remember one of the main reasons that I bought my Escort was because it was then one of the easiest cars to maintain.
For those more interested anthropology and material culture, small islands and cultures of repair seems like an interesting area to explore.

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