The Autopsies Project

The Autopsies Project explores how objects die. Just as the twentieth century was transformed by the advent of new forms of media – the typewriter, gramophone, and film, for example – the arrival of the twenty-first century has brought the phasing out of many public and private objects that only recently seemed essential to “modern life.” The project brings together a team of postgraduate students and full-time lecturers, from several humanities and social science disciplines to reflect on the ends of objects, raising questions of modernity, obsolescence, memory, collecting and recording.
Further information on this new research project, seminars, lectures, as well as the regular ‘Autopsies’ blog can be found here:
“Autopsies: The Afterlife of Dead Objects” forms part of the UCL Film Studies Space research project, “Cinematic Memory, Consumer Culture, and Everyday Life.”
The UCL Film Studies Space is a winner of the UCL Research Challenges 2009.

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One Response to The Autopsies Project

  1. M Radice November 22, 2009 at 2:16 pm #

    I like this idea a lot, and I know the perfect soundtrack for it: Diane Labrosse’s Musique pour objets en voie de disparition [Music for Objects on the Verge of Extinction], which includes, for instance, the sound of a daisy wheel printer, familiar to me from undergrad days

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