India ‘helped win Gandhi auction’

India says it helped a businessman buy belongings of Mahatma Gandhi at a controversial auction in New York.

Gandhi said his spectacles gave him “the vision to free India”. The watch was given to him by Indira Gandhi. The plate and the bowl were the ones from which he took his last meal before he was murdered, Tushar Gandhi said. “The sandals he made with his own hands,” Mr Gandhi said.

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2 Responses to India ‘helped win Gandhi auction’

  1. Gail Cohen March 12, 2009 at 4:42 pm #

    I was involved in helping India to obtain the Gandhi items. I can tell you that the auction house was totally dishonorable, and even lied in their press releases. I can’t go into it all right now.
    Just want you to know that I enjoyed your blog. Mr. Mallya’s representative only was at the auction according to the New York Times. I appreciated your creativity, and it was another way to continue the discussion of commercializing Gandhi.
    What bothered me is that the Gandhi Auction was made into a joke by Jay Leno on TV the other night. I can’t imagine that would have been done with the Martin Luther King Jr. papers controversy where the auction was stopped, and Atlanta was allowed to purchase the collection. The joke was about Gandhi Bling and showed him with a bright braclet that said Gandhi.
    We very much need the real light of Gandhi and Tagore.

  2. Haidy Geismar March 19, 2009 at 8:27 am #

    Editorial note: Whilst deleting junk comments from the site, I accidentally deleted the first comment here which linked to a very interesting blog entry about the Gandhi sale. Many apologies and if the author reads this perhaps he can repost his comment?
    thanks, Haidy Geismar

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