Semantic Webs

Mark Ward, correspondent for BBC Technology News writes about the trials and tribulations of search engines for the world wide web. Metatomix builds a database known as a semantic ontology, which attempts to capture how all the different parts of an organisation understand a particular thing.
And CKelty on Savage Minds, highlights the development of a “browser for black people”:

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One Response to Semantic Webs

  1. Giovanni Tiso January 4, 2009 at 5:51 pm #

    That would seriously suck for me, I depend almost entirely on people who find my writing by mistake. But I’ll begrudgingly concede that it would be quite something to have a search engine that can work by gists as opposed to word matches. And there’s some indication that a number of people use search engines as if they worked that way already, judging from the number of questions (“do we live in an age of surveillance?”) that I discover in my Google Analytics stats.
    Then there’s the Query by Image Content system (here at the Hermitage museum), old news and not really functioning in any meaningful sense but always fun to play around with.

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