Material Mansfield

London conference & Wellington Museum exhibition
This year see’s a new exhibition in Wellington to celebrate the life and work of Katherine Mansfield at her NZ Birthplace Te Puakitanga.
The new exhibition entitled MATERIAL MANSFIELD runs from 19 February to 4 May 2008 and is put on by the Katherine Mansfield Society (admission charge applies). It displays her clothes and possessions, brought together in New Zealand for the first time as well as new creations by contemporary designers who have fallen for her unique sense of style.
As well as being the 120th anniversary of her birth, this year also celebrates the centenary of her arrival in London in 1908 at the age of nineteen, in order to pursue a career as a writer. Within three years she would see her first collection of short stories published – In a German Pension – meet John Middleton Murry, her future husband, and go on to establish herself as one of the writers of some of the twentieth-century’s most remarkable short stories.
Consequently, The Centre for New Zealand Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London,in association with The University of Northampton, are hosting a conference to commemorate Mansfield’s exceedingly significant yet short career as a writer.
Birkbeck, University of London
4-6 September 2008
This major three-day international conference aims to re-evaluate Katherine Mansfield’s contribution to 20th century literature, as well as assessing the state of Mansfield scholarship and criticism today.
Enquiries to: Professor Janet Wilson or Dr Gerri Kimbers
Mansfield’s Grave, Fontainbleau

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