Call for Papers

Sensory worlds – Sensory methods
University of Manchester: June 30- July 2 2007
In combination with 10th Royal Anthropological Institute International Festival of Ethnographic Film
Convenors: Arnd Schneider and Christopher Wright
Repeated calls for experimentation in anthropological representation alongside the ‘anthropology of the senses’ and the ‘ethnographic turn’ in the contemporary art world, seem to suggest many rich and sensory possibilities for collaborations and border crossings between art and anthropology. However the implications for new research methods and representations based on the senses have been little explored. If anthropologists are intent on representing the sensual richness and variety of fieldwork (and ‘cultural’ data, more generally), there is a need for new forms of research and representation beyond text, and text-informed visual media. Dialogues with contemporary art can provide a starting point for such investigations.
This workshop invites presentations from anthropologists and artists that are practice based and specifically related to the senses, either – and preferably- in the actual form they take at the conference, or in their direct implications for research practices.
Arnd Schneider and Christopher Wright are the editors of Contemporary Art and Anthropology (Oxford: Berg, 2006).
Please send an outline to by Feb 28th 2007
For further information regarding the Conference please visit:
notice posted by Aaron Glass and the Society for Visual Anthropology

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